Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Elder Care

Our population is living longer and there are ongoing financial and logistical challenges that our senior family members face. Ordinary tasks become increasingly difficult later in life. Many times, a spouse or child are unable to help due to physical limitations or distance from loved ones. We can help ease the burden of some financial functions that can be very troubling if left undone.

Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Reviewing and paying household bills
  • Providing bank and investment reconciliation services to ensure that funds are not misappropriated
  • Reviewing and confirming that hired services by third party contractors have been completed according to invoiced amounts
  • Customized weekly and monthly services as needed by client.

Estate Planning and Administration

We can help develop and structure tax efficient plans for our clients that have assets more than the life time exemption on a regular basis.

When a loved one dies, estate administration can be time consuming and expensive. Many times, family members are at the mercy of the courts and attorney should an estate have to be probated. We can help your family with this difficult process and provide guidance so that your family doesn’t incur unnecessary court delays and legal fees. Estate administration is a very specialized area of practice and having the wrong attorney handle your probate matters can be financial disaster. We are here to help this process moving forward in a logical and financial efficient manner.