Tax Services

Tax Services

Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” He’s right, especially considering recent tax law changes. Planning and preparing your annual income tax return is typically a very stressful and complicated task. But, no worries. Burton CPA Firm has a team of highly trained individuals who are ready to help you and ease your stress.

Tax Preparation

From individual tax preparation to corporate tax preparation, our goal is to help our clients achieve the lowest legal annual income tax bill. We’ll work with you to help insure that you pay the lowest taxes by offering our clients accurate and insightful financial expertise to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. At Burton CPA Firm, we want to keep you safe and help steer you clear of tax matters that could put you and your family at risk. A seasoned tax preparer will always be assigned to prepare your tax returns. The returns are then reviewed and approved by senior management before final processing and delivery to you.

Tax Management Planning

To pay the lowest legal income tax bill, you must plan. Burton CPA Firm tax professionals will help you navigate through the many potential tax pitfalls and traps that could possibly confront you. We constantly monitor tax legislation, regulations, and court rulings so we can provide the most effective tax planning for the future of your business and your personal finances.

We recognize that everyone has a different tax situation. When it comes to taxes, there should be conversations to discuss the impact of certain life events. We stress to our clients that it is much easier to confront and plan for tax matters preemptively instead of just making a historical record of a taxable event when preparing the tax return.

IRS and State Tax and Audit Representation

Burton CPA Firm has extensive experience in helping clients with unpaid debts to the federal and state agencies. No one likes to have tax issues and we are here to help you should you have to deal with these agencies.

If you receive a notification from the tax agencies, we recommend that you do not talk to them. We should be your first phone call after receiving any type of notification. Many times, taxpayers hurt themselves when trying to handle or call the tax authorities. We have seen over the years that many times the tax agencies make a mistake in application of tax laws and frequently lose or incorrectly process tax forms. We caution you to never provide personal tax and social security information over the telephone. There are several telephone tax scams that will attempt to scare taxpayers into providing information that could be used to steal your identity.

Real Estate Tax Planning

Real Estate Tax Planning can be a very difficult concept for taxpayers to handle without our expert guidance. Due to complicated rules and regulations, having a real estate loss doesn’t always result in a current tax benefit. There are guidelines that must be followed for a real estate professional and real estate investor. We can discuss these rules and help chart out the best course of action as it relates to your real estate holdings.

We are up to date the current rules and regulations and will help you determine the best course of action. We can help streamline your record keeping process so that you have proper documentation available should the tax agencies question your financial records.

If you have moved out of your home and made the decision to rent to a third party, please call our office today. There are significant tax events that can be triggered by converting your residence into a rental property. Our firm can help educate you on the tricky tax rules before it’s too late to consider an alternative decision.

Tax and Audit Protection Program

Our Tax & Audit Protection Program gives our clients peace of mind should there be a situation that comes up after their tax returns have been filed. We have bundled many of the common tax & audit services that our company provides into a program which helps to keep you safe.

Please give our office a call for more details.